Slimming cream

The cream that helps you
get your perfect shape.

Win in the fight against body fat with this innovative combination of ingredients.

The Intheline Cream is a European product, developed on the basis of a scientific study. It is proven to be effective in reducing the circumference of subcutaneous fat and the appearance of cellulite in two weeks!

100 % natural ingredients
All ingredients of the cream are all natural,
European and dermatologically tested.

Firms and shapes
Burns local fat on the belly, hips,
thighs and buttocks.

Reduces the circumference and cellulite
Reduces the circumference of the
body parts where you apply it.

Enhances skin elasticity and
smoothes, softens and firms it

Main ingredients of Intheline cream


Glycyrrhetinic acid, the licorice root extract, actively reduces cortisol levels and helps burn subcutaneous fats.


Rhodiola has healing properties, regulates cortisol levels and helps firm the skin.


Citrus extracts work as an antioxidant and increase microcirculation of the skin


Oils help prevent the evaporation of moisture in the epidermis and nourish the skin.

Intheline Slimming

The cream that helps you get your perfect shape.
Choose the right treatment for yourself and
lose excess centimeters faster and more effectively.

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1x treatment for three months (3x 100 ml) Save 15%
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Over 30.000 satisfied users trust Intheline Slimming cream!

“I lost 7 centimeters without dieting!!”

My circumference of stomach, hips and thighs (separately) decreased by 7 cm! I think this is a GREAT result without any dieting!

– Estie @estie_official

“Cellulite can be defeated!”

4 weeks ago, I started using Intheline cream and I was quite skeptical. I never believed that a cream could aid weight loss and cellulite removal. After 2 weeks, my skin already felt tighter I and smoother and now, after 4 weeks, I am very pleasantly surprised. I’ve lost a few centimeters on all my problem areas!

– Zuzana @zrzkastyle

“It really works!”

After three weeks of use on my problem areas like thighs and hips, I am very surprised that I lost 4 centimeters. And I will keep using it.

– Lucia @senasiovalucia

“I am blown away by this cream!”

After a good two weeks of use I lost 8 centimeters all together, with no cellulite and tighter skin.

– Daša @dasa_podrzaj

The cream that helps you get your perfect shape.
Results visible in two weeks!

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