Unique formula

The Intheline cream was developed on the basis of a scientific study conducted by the scientists at the University of Padua, Italy. Scientists in the field of medicine and surgery, experimental medicine, nutritionists and experts from the pharmacy department joined forces in developing the cream. After over a month of testing, they found out that the volume of fat deposits around thighs significantly reduced in users who applied the cream on a daily basis (with the 2.5% content of glycyrrhetinic acid). In the research results, they also wrote the following: “A significant reduction in thickness of surface fat layer at the dominant thigh was established in subjects who used the cream consisting of glycyrrhetinic acid compared to the other, untreated thigh as well as results of subjects who applied placebo cream.”

In developing the cream, our INTL company took into account basic and key ingredients used by the scientists at the University of Padua. We also strictly applied the ratios and added precisely 2.5% of glycyrrhetinic acid to the cream (liquorice or licorice), which, according to the evidence-based data provided by the University of Padua, burns subcutaneous fat. At the same time, together with our pharmacists we added some other ingredients to the cream (making the skin glossier, taut, more scented).

And the result … Female users participating in the research used the cream in very small quantities only once a day. We recommend the Intheline cream to be used twice a day by applying it to the parts of your body where you want to lose excessive fat depositions. A 100ml tube suffices for a month of daily use and during that time the cream will start to show its burning-fat effects.

We recommend regular use of the Intheline cream for best results.

Ingredients in the InTheLine cream


Licorice or sweet root is a plant growing in the Mediterranean climate. It actively reduces cortisol and thus helps to lose subcutaneous fat. Licorice is an important ingredient which is through the Intheline Slimming cream transferred into subcutaneous tissue and affects the level of subcutaneous fat cells and also efficiently reduces the unwanted local fat.


Rhodiola is a flower growing in the most remote parts of the world, high in the mountains. It has numerous therapeutic effects and is also efficient in the process of losing subcutaneous fat, since it reduces the level of cortisol hormone which deposits subcutaneous fat cells in the area of waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. It is one of two key ingredients of the Intheline cream.


Citrus extracts as antioxidants help to improve the microcirculation of blood in your body thus making your epidermis stronger and smoother. Citruses also stimulate the growth of keratin and proteins in your epidermis for a taut skin and by applying the Intheline cream the anti-cellulite effects are also evident.

Sunflower and cypress oil

Sunflower oil prevents evaporation of natural skin moisture, has natural moisturising effect, cleans the skin and reduces surface tension. The result is the increase of skin efficiency. The Intheline cream is rich in lecithin, vitamins A, D and E and unsaturated fat. Cypress oil on the other hand reduces dry skin to desquamate or peel off and has aromatic characteristics.